The Rainbow Fish Moral Story For Kids

The Rainbow Fish Moral Story For Kids
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The Rainbow Fish Story

Today’s story is called The Rainbow Fish. The author of this story is Marcus Pfister.

A fish lived in a deep sea far away. She was the most beautiful fish in the sea. Green, blue, red were all colours on his body. Between those ranks there were stars shining like silver.

When all the fish in the sea saw him, they kept on looking at him. He used to call her by the name of Rainbow Fish. All the fish used to say to him “Rainbow fish let us all play together” but Rainbow Fish did not want to play with anyone. He used to think that everyone is different. Without giving any answer, she used to float among them and show everyone her shining stars.

One day a small blue fish went to him and said, “Wait Rainbow Fish wait for me. Just give me a shining star, they are so beautiful and you have so many.”

Hearing this, Rainbow Fish got angry and said “These are my bright stars, I will not give them to you”.

The little blue fish was heartbroken and left the place. He told this to all the fish in the sea. After that day everyone stopped talking to Rainbow Fish. Now no one used to see his beautiful stars.

She was the most beautiful fish in the sea but now she was all alone. No one used to talk to him. Rainbow Fish started being very sad.

One day Rainbow Fish told the whole thing to Star Fish. “I am so beautiful but still no one talks to me,” said Rainbow Fish.

The Rainbow Fish Moral Story For Kids
Image Source : YouTube

The starfish said, “I cannot tell you the reason for this, but an octopus lives in a cave far away. He knows everything about the sea. He will definitely solve your problem.

Rainbow Fish went near the cave and waited for the octopus. After some time the octopus came out of the cave and saw the Rainbow Fish.

The octopus said in a loud voice, “I was waiting for you. I know what your problem is. I have a suggestion to remove your loneliness. Share your bright stars with your friends. You may not be the prettiest fish in the sea, but you will find a way to be happy.”

Rainbow fish started thinking in her mind, “How can I give away my beautiful shining stars. Never, how will I be happy without them. She was still thinking about it, then there comes the peak blue fish. “Rainbow fish don’t get angry but I like your beautiful stars very much. Give me a beautiful bright star,” said the little blue fish.

Rainbow Fish started thinking “One star, maybe one less star will not reduce my beauty.” He carefully took out a small star from his body and gave it to the blue fish.

The blue fish started dancing happily and saying Thank You again and again. It was a different feeling for Rainbow Fish as well. She kept watching the blue fish playing with her new star for a long time.

The little blue fish now started roaming all over the sea with his new beautiful star. All the fish in the sea saw his new shining star. Now all the fish wanted a shining star.

The Rainbow Fish Moral Story For Kids
Image Source : YouTube

Rainbow Fish shared its shining stars with everyone. When she was distributing shining stars to all the fish, her happiness kept on increasing. He started feeling all the fish as his own. Now she had only one star left and she was now starting to look like everyone else.

She had shared her dearest thing her beautiful shining stars with everyone. But still she was very happy. The rest of the fish called him to play with them. She immediately went to play with her new friends.

The Rainbow Fish Story Moral

We should share our things with our friends. By doing this they get happiness and we also get happiness.

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